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Having performed at hundreds of Weddings in and around New York, we have developed relationships with many of the Wedding Vendors that you may encounter.

View a list of these Wedding Professionals, as well as our F.A.Q.'s and Wedding Reception and Bridal Party Worksheets here.

Wedding F.A.Q.'s (select a question below or just scroll down)

When will the band start to play?

We find that it is best to have the band start playing soft background music as soon as your guests arrive. This sets the best mood to start your special day. And, if you’d like, our Piano Player, Jazz Duo or Jazz Trio is available to play your cocktail hour.

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How will you introduce the Wedding Party?

Using our Wedding Party Information Sheet, fill in the names of the people in your party exactly as you would like them to be announced (i.e. Mr. Robert Thompson – brother of the bride, etc.). All of these names are checked for correct pronunciation when the wedding party is in proper order prior to the introduction.

Marc will assist in the line up of the wedding party and then will announce you in just after the formal pictures and immediately before dinner.

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Who will select the songs the band will play?

Our extensive song list offers many popular choices for your first, parent’s and specialty dances. We will gladly learn 1–2 special requests that are not in our repertoire. We only ask that you let us know what your special requests are 90 days prior to your affair.

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Will the band perform during dinner?

We will perform background music of your choice from the beginning of the reception until the main course is served, and at this time we typically break for dinner and then we will provide recorded music of your choice using our integrated DJ system.

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Do we have to provide dinner for the band members?

We would greatly appreciate this as we rarely have time to eat due to travel time, setting up, or playing through mealtimes.

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How often will the band take a break, and for how long?

As we are conscientious about providing the maximum amount of time for dancing, we customarily take two breaks during a standard four hour engagement. The dinner break is the longest, lasting from the time approximately one third of your guests have been served the main course until the tables are cleared. This break is usually 25 minutes. The next break occurs just prior to the final hour of dancing and lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.

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Will recorded music be provided during the break?

We provide a professional DJ set-up that is integrated into our main sound system. We will DJ during our breaks supplying your affair with a wide variety of musical styles. We carry 300+ CD’s and will gladly play any of your own CD's or music on your mp3 player.

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When will you contact me (before the Wedding Day)?

We will contact you at the beginning of the week prior to your wedding reception. At this time we will review the line-up, confirm all information, and review with you by phone or in person any last minute details or changes. New York Player’s position is that our employment with you does not begin and end the day of the wedding. We are happy to hear from you at anytime regarding any of the plans for your reception.

Mike Emery, Bandleader and Musical Director, will be your single point of contact. The band will get specific directions from Mike regarding every detail of your special requests and requirements, and he is with you for the entire affair to ensure that ALL of your expectations are met. Your satisfaction is always his primary goal.

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What happens if I need to change the time of my Reception?

ANY CHANGES TO AN EXISTING CONTRACT MUST BE IN WRITING. Small changes usually present no problem. We will always do our best to accommodate you, within the constraints of our schedule. A major change may not be possible, especially if it were to create a conflict with another engagement booked that day. We therefore urge you to be certain that the times you wish us to begin playing are carefully coordinated with your ceremony and the reception facility before returning the contacts.

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Does the band do anything special for the Cutting of the Wedding Cake?

If you’re cutting the cake, it usually works well during dinner (before the main course), or directly after the tables are cleared. We will make an announcement to your guests and play background music while your photographer takes you through the ceremony. Recommended background music is an instrumental version of your first dance selection.

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Does the band do anything special for the First (Bridal) Dance?

You may choose any song for your first dance (please see above for choosing songs that need to be learned especially for your affair). Also, you may choose to have your first dance with the bride and groom only, or you may elect to have the wedding party join in half way through the song. Having the rest of your wedding party join in creates a memorable photograph.

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Does the band do anything special for the Parent Dances?

Normally, parent dances are done after the bride and groom’s first dance. You may separate the couple’s dance, or both couples can dance at the same time. See song list for song suggestions.

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How do we pay?

Outstanding balances, gratuities and overtime charges are to be paid directly to the bandleader. Payments made by personal check must be received no later than two weeks prior to event date. For your convenience, overtime charges can be billed after the event.

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Additional information pertaining to your Wedding Day...

We will provide complete client consultation and event planning at either your location or our office.

We set up wearing New York Players Entertainment Group issued polo shirts. No torn, faded jeans or T-shirts. New York Players Entertainment Group is a professional looking organization the moment we walk in the door.

We will play the entire engagement wearing ties, jackets and/or vests (no wedding photos with "half dressed" band members in the background).

We provide an integrated DJ setup into our state of the art sound system so that the music literally never stops. The DJ setup can also be utilized for optional overtime (we carry about 300+ CD’s).

We will learn one or two specialty songs (i.e., First Dance, Last Dance etc.).

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Other Bands in the New York Players Entertainment Group Family...

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